Joint Pain Knee Spray
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Joint Pain Knee Spray

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Product Description

Description: Name: Knee Joint Relief Spray Key Words: Spray, Cold Compress Gel Capacity: 35ml Gross Weight: 50g Ingredients: Water, Sperantos, Seahorse Package Size: 9.7*3.5*3.5cm Specifications: 1. Various Herbal Ingredients Penetrate Deeply, Quickly And Effectively Relieve Knee Pain And Protect Knee Joints. 2. It Is Suitable For Sub-healthy People Who Suffer From Physical Discomfort Due To Leg, Knee And Joint Pain. 3. The Ingredients Are Healthy And Safe, Harmless To The Human Body, And Can Be Used With Confidence. 4. People With This Kind Of Problem Can Carry It With Them. The Volume Is Moderate, And You Can Move It Freely Without Occupying Any Space To Relieve Pain At Any Time. Package Included: 1 * spray
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